Christos Iakovou had formed a weightlifting wonder team in Greece that won dozens of medals at the Olympics and World Championships. Now eleven of his charges have been tested positive.

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The Greek sport is shaken by a serious doping scandal. According to the National Weightlifting Association acheter Clomiphene Citrate en France, a total of eleven weightlifters were tested positively by the World Antidoping Agency (Wada) on March 7th, when it was surprisingly checked. Sports Vice-Minister Giannis Ioannidis ordered an investigation that the Greek anti-doping agency will carry out, the Greek radio reported on Saturday.

According to the radio, the doping sinners are said to have taken trenbolone (methyltrienolone). The weightlifting association awaits the second trial and will then punish sinners, it said. «We have been ridiculed worldwide,» headlined the Greek sports newspaper «To Fos». Head coach Christos Iakovou submitted his resignation. Until the case was clarified, he had been suspended, the association said.

«The dream is over»

Between 1996 and 2004, Iakovou had formed a weightlifting wonder team, mainly with legionnaires from Albania and Georgia, who won dozens of medals at the Olympics and World Championships. «The dream is over,» headlined the Athens sports newspaper «Derby» on Saturday.

«We will surely fly out of the Olympics in Beijing,» said the «Sportime». Most of the doped athletes had participated in the most recent European Championship in Germany. It was said to be six women and five men. «It’s the worst day of my life,» said multiple Greek weightlifting Olympic champion Pyrros Dimas.


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